Admissions Reception Center Construction Update 2-27-13

As part of the Sewer Separation Project in the CAS Parking Lot and the Alpert Mall we need to extend the new storm drain lines across George D. Hart Way in two locations shown on the attached plan. However, there is an existing water line in the street that needs to be dropped down lower at both of these locations to make room for the new storm drain lines to pass over. Since this work will obstruct construction traffic on George D. Hart Way and require shut-down of water service to some buildings we have decided to do this work during off-hours on the weekend and nights. We had originally planned to do this work all on this Saturday 3/2 but realize that shutting down water service even on Saturday would be inconvenient for those facilities that remain open on Saturday like the Law library. Therefore we will do the water shut-down portion of the work on third shift nights between 10pm and 6am.

Attached please find our work plan for the work starting this Saturday 3/2 and through next week Friday 3/8:

1) On Saturday 3/2 our construction team will be digging in two (2) locations (see attached plan) on George D. Hart Way in preparation for some work on the water line in the street. They will be placing steel trench boxes in the two holes to protect their workers and then plating over the street openings with heavy steel plates when they’re finished at the end of the day. No water service will need to be shut down for this work.
2) Next week Monday 3/4 through Friday 3/8 our construction team will be continuing to work in these street openings during third shift time from 10pm to 6am each night to complete the work. During this night shift work we will need to shut down water service to the following buildings most likely on Monday 3/4 and Tuesday 3/5 nights:
– 264 and 270 Bay State Road
– Law Receiving Dock 763 Bay State Raod and Law School Tower 765 Bay State Road
– Law Library Building 767 Bay State Road

Please note that the following buildings and addresses will not be affected with the water shut-down: George Sherman Union 775 Comm Ave; Mugar Library 771 Comm Ave; Marsh Chapel 735 Comm Ave; all CAS building addresses 755, 745, 725, 685, 675 Comm Ave; 226, 232, & 236 Bay State Rd; and the Castle at 225 Bay State Rd.

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