Energy Action Plan: HVAC Performance Optimization Project

The School of Management and 1 Silber Way will be part of one of the largest Energy Conservation Measure projects on campus.   Upon completion in the latter part of 2012, this project will result in savings of 2.8 million KWH per year for the University.  This work will be partially funded by a substantial rebate from our utility vendors.

The scope of work involves re-commissioning of the major components of the heating and cooling systems.  In addition, there will be program modifications to the building automation system that will provide more efficient use and delivery of the conditioned air throughout the building.   This will be accomplished by changes to the sequence of equipment operation and the effective use of setback and scheduling capabilities of the system.  A robust measurement and verification program will automatically track our new efficiencies and keep the system working as designed.

Teams will be scheduled to work above some of the ceilings to inspect, repair or calibrate the 500+ fan box controllers that provide the air conditioning and fresh air throughout the building.   The work is not expected to be very inconvenient.  Hand tools, meters, gauges and an occasional electric drill are all that should be required.   The Building Area Manager and our HVAC Shop staff will coordinate the necessary work with each department to ensure the least possible impact on the occupants.  Behind the scenes there continues be work on the major fans and heating systems to achieve our energy savings.

A schedule of the work will be posted soon. We thank you in advance for your cooperation as we work to enhance our energy controls at Boston University.

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