Emergency Management


The Boston University community can be threatened by emergency and disaster situations both natural (such as flash flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, and fires) and man-made (such as hazardous materials accidents, resource shortages, civil disorders, and terrorist threats). Information on this page provides guidance and information to the response actions of University academic and administrative departments in crisis situations.

Our mission is to provide, enable, promote, and support the Boston University community in effectively mitigating, preparing for, responding to, and recovering from emergencies.

Emergency Management includes how the community should respond in an emergency situation, outlined in Emergency Communications; and the University’s preparation and response planning, outlined in the Emergency Management Plan and supplements.

Emergency Communications

BU provides the community with a quick reference for how to respond in case of emergency, alerts and advisories, and additional resources for staying informed and prepared.

During an emergency, periodic updates will be provided to the University community on BU Today’s web page.

Emergency Management Department

The Emergency Management Department (EMD) coordinates a comprehensive emergency management program that encompasses (1) a full range of leadership and governance structures designed to prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from any threat, emergency, or disaster that could disrupt the University’s educational program and support operations; (2) policies, procedures, plans, and internal and external outreach strategies; and (3) multiyear strategic planning.

In addition, the EMD will participate in the development and implementation of new emergency response plans, risk-reduction initiatives, and risk-prevention measures, and serve as a liaison to local, state, and federal emergency management agencies.

Boston University has been a StormReady Community since 2010, recognized for our commitment to preparedness, our outstanding communication systems, and for keeping Boston University students, faculty, and staff safe.

For more information about BU Emergency Management, please go to the Emergency Management FAQs.