Emergency Response Plans

The Emergency Response Plan establishes procedures for mobilizing Boston University’s (BU) resources and communicating with the community in the event of a large-scale emergency. The Plan was developed by Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) in cooperation with over a dozen departments, colleges, and offices, as well as public safety agencies.

The Plan discusses the three levels/phases of emergency situations as well as evacuation and shelter-in-place procedures when evacuation is not appropriate. Posted below, are supplements to the Emergency Response Plan pertaining to emergency-specific events/incidents.

Emergency Response Planning Management Plan NEIDL Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) COOP
Campus-Wide Evacuation Plan/Shelter in Place Nickerson Field Evacuation Plan BUMC School Closure Plan
Severe Weather BU Earthquake Response Plan Hurricane Response Plan
Lightning Strike Emergency Response Plan Medical Incident Response Plan for High and Maximum Containment Workplace Violence (Code Green)
Bomb Threat, Suspicious Device, Package or Letter Response Plan Protests and Civil Disturbances Infectious Disease Response Plan
Active Shooter Response Plan Family and Community Assistance Center Operations Manual Command and Control Center Evacuation and Relocation
Animal Science Center Emergency Response Plan Overview Medflight Helicopter Crash Incident Materials Transportation Management Policy
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