Graduate Orientation

Spring 2018 Orientation Info

Welcome to the Department of Economics at Boston University! We look forward to meeting you during Orientation. Please carefully read through the information below.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Karen Rodi, Master’s Program Administrator.

Please read the Welcome Memo and Orientation Schedule. Be sure to also familiarize yourself with the Guidelines for Economics Graduate Students and info about additional services.

Some of you are waiting to be cleared by the International Students & Scholars office and officially admitted to the University. You have access to this Orientation information in the hopes that you will be able to provide the necessary documentation and will be joining us here during Orientation.

Read the details about University tuition and fees.

All new students can be assigned peer advisors. These are advanced graduate students who have been asked to assist you in getting settled. Peer advisors generally communicate with an incoming student before he/she arrives on campus. If you would like to be assigned a peer advisor, refer to the memo regarding Housing/Peer information. All students who need help with housing should contact the Housing Coordinator. For more information on peer advising, click here.

All students can register during Orientation once they meet with their academic advisor. Registration procedures will be explained at the Orientation session. Economics graduate students cannot register before Orientation. Read here for more info on Registration.

Here is a sample exam for the reference of MA, MAEP, and MA/MBA students. It’s only a sample and there is no guarantee that the same kinds of questions will be on the placement exam that you take.

To learn more about the MA program, read the requirements and program rules..

Current syllabi for the core courses will not be available until the first day of classes so we do not know which books will be used. The intent of offering the following information is to provide you with an indication of the math and theory preparation you will encounter. Do not be overly concerned that some of this material will be new. Please note that MA, MAEP, MAGDE and MA/MBA candidates should access syllabi for CAS EC 501 A1 (Spring), EC502 (Fall), EC505 (Spring), EC507 A1 (Spring), and EC508 (Fall).

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