BU Dissertation Template

We know that there’s been some demand for a Microsoft Word dissertation template for BU students to use. We have created one, but with a BIG DISCLAIMER: it is neither “official” (in that you don’t have to use it) nor fool-proof. It’s not locked down: you’re welcome to mess things up. If you follow the enclosed instructions, however, it might make life easier for you.

Feedback on the template is welcome: we’re always looking to improve it. Please email Eleni Castro with any words of constructive wisdom.

BU Dissertation Template (last modified: November 6, 2013)

  • November 6: corrected font size for Chapter 1, Section 2 from 13pt to 12pt

BU Dissertation Template Instructions (last modified: October 30, 2013)

For those of you working in LaTeX: the Math Department has graciously made a LaTeX template available; and BU Engineering has made another LaTeX template available for MS theses and PhD dissertations. The Astronomy Department has a template as well. We are unable to provide LaTeX-specific help, but this should get you started. We are thankful to these departments for sharing.