Limiting by EBooks

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May 12th, 2010

Several months ago, we discovered that the value ( ‘@’ ) that was being used to designate ebooks in the MAT TYPE field in Millennium is not valid in Millennium and prevented us from being able to limit search results in the OPAC to ebooks. We recently selected a new value ( ‘v’ ) to designate ebooks in the MAT TYPE field.

Doug Payne worked with John Sitkin and Doreen Paci to make the required changes to allow limiting by ebooks in the catalog. They did a global update to change the old MAT TYPE value ‘@’ to the new value ‘v’. There is a small group of records that remain with the old value that we need to cleanup manually. John Sitkin and Doreen Paci will be working on those. Until they finish, the old value (now labeled EBOOKS-OLD) will remain as an option in MAT TYPE. This value is deprecated, though. The new value should be used from this point forward. Please communicate this change to those on your staff who catalog ebooks.

I want to thank Doug, John, and Doreen for their hard work to make this happen.

The Web OPAC has been modified to enable a user to limit a search by the new value. If you discover problems with it, please let me know.

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