Spring 2013 Seminar Series

Spring 2013 Schedule

Date Title Speaker Affiliation
Thursday, 1/17/13 AE9, AP9 and SPM: New Models for Radiation Belt and Space Plasma Specification Gregory Ginet MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Thursday, 1/24/13 Solar Wind-Magnetospheric Coupling Brian M. Walsh NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Thursday, 1/31/13 The Variability of the Near Space Environment due to Lower Atmosphere Forcing Hanli Liu UCAR
Thursday, 2/7/13 Stormtime Plasma Redistribution: Geospace Processes and Effects John Foster MIT/Haystack
Thursday, 2/14/13 A Model of the Chromosphere: Heating, Structures, and Convection Paul Song UML
Thursday, 2/21/13 Thirty-five Years in Space and Counting: Voyager 1 at the Border with the Galaxy Tom Krimigis JHU, Applied Physics Laboratory
Friday, 2/22/13 Titan from the Inside Out Jonathan Lunine Cornell University
Thursday, 2/28/13 Solar wind – Magnetosphere – Ionosphere Interactions Eftyhia Zesta NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Thursday, 3/7/13 Early Science Results From the NASA Van Allen Probes Mission RBSP-ECT Instrument Suite Harlan Spence UNH
Thursday, 3/21/13 Patterns in the Solar Wind Nancy Crooker BU
Thursday,  3/28/13 Assessing Dynamical Properties of the Atmosphere, Ionosphere, and Magnetosphere using Ground-Based Incoherent Scatter Radar Mike Nicolls SRI
Thursday, 4/4/13 Space Weather Impacts on Geostationary Communication Satellites: Telemetry Data Mining Kerri Cahoy MIT
Thursday, 4/11/13 Exploring Saturn’s Earth-like moon Ellen Stofan UCL/London
Thursday, 4/25/13 Profound change of the near-Earth Radiation Environment During Solar  Superstorms Yuri Shprits MIT