Spring 2002 Seminar Series

Date Topic Speaker
January 17 Using Radio Induced Fluorescence to Determine the Horizontal Structure of Ion Layers in the Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere Paul Bernhardt
Naval Research Laboratory
January 24 Can Plasma instabilities extend down into the D-region ionosphere? Yakov Dimant
Center for Space Physics
Boston University
January 31 Wave Progagation in Magnetized Atmospheres Tom Bogdan
National Science Foundation
February 7 Modeling Magnetic Reconnection in a Complex Solar Corona Dana Longscope
Physics Department, Montana State University-Bozeman
February 14 The Physics of Coronal Mass Ejections John Raymond
February 21 Direct Imaging of Nearby Planetary Systems-Possible in this Decade? John Trauger
February 28 The Sometimes Surprising Responses of High Latitude Ionosphere to Magnetospheric Inputs J.P. St-Maurice
University of Western Ontario
March 14 Shear Alfven Waves in the Laboratory and Space Craig Kletzing
Physics & Astronomy Department
University of Iowa
March 21 Foreshock Cavities and Hot Flow Anomalies David Sibeck
Johns Hopkins University
March 28 A Spectroscopic Tour of the Solar System with FUSE Paul Feldman
Johns Hopkins University
April 4 Where Space Physics Meets Geophysics: The Search for Subsurface Water on Mars Greg Delory
University of California, Berkeley
April 11 The Center for Integrated Space Weather Modeling Jeff Hughes
Boston University
April 18 Far Ultraviolet Remote Sensing of the Thermosphere & Ionosphere: TIMED, DMSP, and the Future Larry Paxton
Johns Hopkins University
April 25 Understanding Space Weather through MHD Simulation Chuck Goodrich
University of Maryland