Spring 1999 Seminar Series

Date Topic Speaker
January 14 The Institute for Astrophysical Research Dan Clemens
Boston University
January 21 Multi-Instrument Observations of cusp / cleft dynamics related to solar wind-magnetosphere interactions Joran Moen
UNIS / Svalbard, Norway
January 28 Searching for Life Elsewhere Bruce Jakosky
University of Colorado / Boulder
February 4 Large-scale B- and E-field parameters derived from multi-point geostationary particle measurements. Anders Jorgensen
Los Alamos National Laboratory
February 18 Electron Phase-Space Tornados: Observations in Space, Simulations and Animations Meers Oppenheim
Boston University
February 25 Exploration of the Solar System Frontier: Heliospheric Interface from 1 AU Mike Gruntman
University of California / Berkeley
March 4 An early autumn chill in Uranus’ upper atmosphere. Leslie Young
Boston University
March 18 The Largest Wave: The Magnetospheric Response to Hot Flow Anomalies. David Sibeck
March 25 Proton Transport in the High Latitude Regions, One of the Processes at the Origin of Aurora. Marina Galand
April 1 The Non-Optical Aurora: Recent Radio and X-Ray Observations. Allan Weatherwax
University of Maryland
April 8 Global Properties of the Ionosphere from DE Measurements. Robert Hoffman
April 15 Are Small Comets Bombarding Earth? Robert Meier
Naval Research Laboratory
April 22 The Interactions of the Jupiter’s Inner Magnetosphere with the Atmospheres and Ionospheres of the Galilean Satellites: Io and Europa Darrel Strobel
Johns Hopkins University
April 29 Topology of the Cusp and the Low Latitude Boundary Layer Patrick Newell
May 6 The Role Of The Cusp As A Source For Magnetospheric Particles: A New Paradigm? Theodore A. Fritz
Boston University