Spring 1998 Seminar Series

Date Topic Speaker
January 15 The role of the Cusp as a Source for Magnetosphere Particles: A New Paradigm? Ted Fritz
Center For Space Physics
Boston University
January 22 Kinetic Effects on Large Scale MHD Phenomena in Space Physics C.Z. (Frank) Cheng
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Princeton University
January 29 Do we really know the source of high speed solar wind streams? Alan J. Lazarus
February 5 Modelling the Thermosphere Jackie Schoendorf
Center for Space Physics
Boston University
February 12 Explanation for the Aurora which has Fascinated Mankind for Centuries Wynne Calvert
University of Massachusetts Lowell
February 19 Do we really understand the mid-latitude, nighttime ionosphere? The implications of electrohydrodynamics, or gravity wave- Perkins instability interactions, for thermosphere-ionosphere coupling. Clark Miller
John F. Kennedy School of Government
Harvard University
February 26 The Earth’s Bow Shock in Motion Mona Kessel
NASA Godard Space Flight Center
March 5 Helicity: A conserved quanitiy. Robert Kotiuga
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Boston University
March 19 Nonlinear Wave-Driven Currents In the E-Region Ionosphere: Simulations, Movies, and Theories. Meers Oppenheim
University of Colorado
March 26 Field-aligned Currents and Parallel Electric Fields in the Plasma Sheet Boundary Layer. Michael Heinnemann
Air Force Research Laboratory
March 31 CCD Image Measurements of Small and Large-Scale Gravity Waves in the Earth’s Upper Atmosphere, Michael Taylor
Utah State University
April 2 POLAR X-ray Images of the Aurora David Chenette
Lockheed Martin Reasearch Lab
April 9 Early results from the Electron Drift Instrument on Equator S. Carl E. McIlwain
April 9 Energetic Particle Observations from the Galileo Space Craft associated with the Jovian moons Richard McEntire
Appled Physics Lab / JHU
April 23 Hawkeye’s V iew of the High-Latitude Magnetosphere Shing Fung
April 30 Initial Results for Equator S Lynn Kistler
Department of Physics
University of New Hampshire