Spring 1997 Seminar Series

Date Topic Speaker
January 23 POLAR Plasma Inflows and Outflows Tom Moore
Marshall Space Flight Center
January 30 Dispersive Field Line Resonances, Intensive Electric Fields, and Auroral Arcs Bill Lotko
Dartmouth College
February 6 Science Accomplishments of the Tethered Satellite System Missions Bill Burke
Phillips Laboratory
February 13 New Insights from Numerical Modeling of the Coupled Thermosphere / Ionosphere Tim Killeen
University of Michigan
February 20 A Philosopher Looks at Science T.Y. Cao
Department of Philosophy, Boston Universuty
February 27 Understanding Io’s Central Role in Juiter’s Magnetosphere: Recent Advances Bill Smyth
AER Inc.
March 6 Energetic Particles at Jupiter: Galileo Results Don Williams
March 20 Observing Tritons Atmosphere using stellar occultation Leslie Young
Boston University
April 3 Sun-Earth Connections: Future Science Rich Vondrak
Goddard Space Flight Center
April 24 POLAR Observations of Plasma Waves in the Cusp Rob Pfaff
May 1 New Results from FAST Dave Klumpar
Lookheed Palo Alto