Fall 2006 Seminar Series

Date Topic Speaker
September 7 “Artificial optical emissions in the thermosphere induced by powerful radio waves: An introduction” Mike Kosch, Air Force Research Laboratory
September 14 “Solar wind – magnetosphere coupling during magnetic storms: stormtime substorms, sawtooth events, and steady convection periods “ Tuija Pulkkinen, FMI/Finland
September 21 “Science in the National Interest – a “windshield tour” of 63 years of service to the nation by the University of California” Donald Cobb, Los Alamos National Laboratory
September 28 “Solar Energetic Particle Events ” Mihir Desai, Southwest Research Institute
October 5 “Mars Express radar soundings of the ionosphere of Mars” Donald Kirchner, Department of Physics and Astronomy,University of Iowa
October 12 “Parallel Electric Fields and Time Dependent Reconnection at Earth’s Magnetopause” Jimmy Raeder, University of New Hampshire
October 16 “Mars Express” Martin Paetzold, University of Cologne
October 19 “Space Science Research Activities at Southwest Research Institute” Jim Cravens, Southwest Research Institute
October 26 “Modeling the solar wind interaction with the Mars space environment” Jackie Schoendorf,
November 2 “Upper Atmospheric Research at Cornell: Active and Passive Probing of the Coupled Atmosphere and Ionosphere” Michael Kelly, Cornell University
November 9 “Auroral ion outflow: low altitude energization” Kristina Lynch, Dartmouth
November 16 “Equatorial spread-F initiation within the post-sunset vortex ” Erhan Kudeki, Illinois
November 30 “On Glaciations and Their Causes” Maureen Raymo, Boston University