Fall 2005 Seminar Series

Date Topic Speaker
September 15 Thermal Equilibration in Collisionless Shocks John Raymond – Harvard, Center for Astrophysics
September 22 CRaTER (Cosmic Ray Telescope for the Effects of Radiation) Harlan Spence – Boston University, Center for Space Physics
September 29 Dissipation of Turbulence in Solar Wind Charles Smith – University of New Hampshire, Earth Oceans and Space
October 6 * 100th Birthday of Special Relativity Thomas Zurbuchen – University of Michigan
October 13 Fabry-PerotInterferometry and New Directions in Passive Optics Research: A Review and New Results John Merriwether – Clemson University, Department of Physics & Astronomy
October 20 The Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX) David McComas – Southwest Research Institute (TBD)
October 27 Dynamic Modeling of New Radiation Belts from Solar Storms Mary Hudson – Dartmouth College, Department of Physics & Astronomy
November 3 Ozone Depletion via Energetic Electrons Cora Randall – University of Colorado, LASP
November 10 Formation and Migration of Extra-Solar Planets Fred Adams – University of Michigan
November 17 Understanding the Local Interstellar Medium by Measuring Its Neutral Atoms Eberhand Moebius – University of New Hampshire, Department of Physics
December 1 Energetic Particles in the Magnetosphere  — A Cluster Perspective Qiugang Zong – Boston University , Center for Space Physics