Fall 1998 Seminar Series

Date Topic Speaker
September 10 Solar-Terrestrial Probes: The Future of Space Science in the New Millenium Harlan Spence
Boston University
September 17 Do we understand the rate of reconnection? Do we care? Harry Petschek
Boston University
September 24 Measurements of Radio Frequency Emissions on the Galileo Probe Mission Louis Lanzerotti
Lucent Technologies
October 1 Oceans Beyond Earth: Evidence from Recent Spacecraft Exploration of Europa and Mars James Head
Brown University
October 8 Far- and extreme-ultraviolet observations of the Moon  Brian Flynn
University of California Berkeley
October 15 Lunar Prospector results: Water and other finds on the moon. Bill Feldman
Los Alamos National Laboratory
October 22 JIM: A Global Model of Jupiter’s Ionosphere Nick Achilleos
University College
October 23 Ion Dynamics During Magnetotail Reconnection. Manfred Scholer
Max Planck Institute
October 29 Auroral Radio Emissions Observed at Ground Level. Jim LaBelle
Dartmouth College
November 5 Magnetospheric Currents determined from ionospheric modeling. Art Richmond
November 12 Magnetospheric Imaging Instrument (MINI) on Cassini: A New Approach. Tom Krimigis
November 19 Charged-Particle Acceleration by Magnetic-Field-Aligned Electric Fields. Bob Ergun
University of California Berkley
Brown University