Service is a foundational piece of life together in community and as people growing in vocation and purpose. At Marsh Chapel, we work to come together to serve our campus, community, and the world. Every semester, we have great ways to give back with service, broaden your horizons, and meet new people who care about living lives of leadership and service!


Marsh Chapel is reaching out in conversation with individuals and groups at Boston University and in the Massachusetts Abolitionist Network to raise awareness, educate, and involve people directly against the crime of modern-day slavery/human trafficking.

Modern-day slavery is the world’s second-largest criminal activity, involving 27 million people held in situations of forced labor/debt bondage, sexual exploitation, child soldiering, and/or sale of body parts. At least 1 million people live in slavery situations in this country alone, some of them in Boston. The good news is that many exciting things are being done, in Boston and around the world, to stop modern-day slavery/human trafficking.

For more information, to extend the conversation, or to join the monthly research and program group, contact Rev. Victoria Hart Gaskell, Chapel Associate, at


Join the Marsh Chapel community as we observe Earth Day by participating in the Charles River Watershed Association’s Annual Earth Day Cleanup. Volunteers will help to keep our backyard clean by participating in a half-day cleanup of the Charles River, followed by a picnic. Additional information about the importance of Christian engagement with environmentalism will be provided to those who sign up for the program or who request it individually. For questions or to volunteer, contact Jessica Chicka, Chapel Associate for Lutheran Ministry (