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Week of 19 November 1999

Vol. III, No. 15

News & Features

In the Voisinage: Roger Voisin -- whose sweet-voiced, French-accented trumpet was a distinctive part of the Boston Symphony Orchestra from 1935 until 1973 -- coaches Chris Scanlon (SFA'01) at a recent master class in the BU Concert Hall. The SFA professor emeritus and former chair of the department of woodwind, brass, and percussion retired last spring after 30 years on the faculty. Photo by Jenny Ahlen

Literary journalism conference to herald arrival of the Narrative Train

Welcome to the jungle
Sports fans' behavior an increasing problem, prof says

A MED job as springboard
Dreams and responsibilities -- the saga of a single mother

A Clarion call
Dogged initiative propels new student literary magazine

Remembering George Higgins, best-selling author and gregarious teacher of a lonely trade

Finding help in cyberspace
SPH program to combat violence and stop smoking nominated for internet awards

Case Studies: Hancock's pen more memorable than his sword