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Week of 14 May 1999

Vol. II, No. 34

News & Features

Henry Kissinger to speak at Commencement

Student speaker Jennifer Gruber
Ad astra per aspera

Pulizer hat trick for COM alumni

Senior Brunch: a send-off with a touch of send-up

Radar now tracking bat traffic

Big step for womankind
SAR star is world's best step dancer

BU changes the channel on WABU

BU's 1999 honorary degree recipients

BU sophomores recognized as Beckman Scholars

What's hot on the BU Web: Commencement 1999

Feature Photos: 50 years as the BU Bridge

Field of dreams: Norm Pelletier (above), with fellow workers from CBC Construction in Danvers, moves the bleachers from the north side of Nickerson Field to the east side in preparation for the main Commencement ceremony. Photo by Vernon Doucette