About our Lab

The Boston University BioMedical Optics Lab was founded in the year 2001 by Prof. Irving J. Bigio.  The focus of our research is the development of minimally-invasive diagnostic and therapeutic tools based on optical technologies.

Our projects include:

  • Optical Biopsy: we are developing a tool to measure non-invasively the reflectance spectrum of biological tissues to diagnose diseases such as cancer.
  • Optical Pharmacokinetics: we are working on a system that measures drug concentration in tissue in a non-invasive manner.  The benefits will be observed in the ability to determine the optimum type and dosage of novel (light activated) chemotherapy drugs, and in the dramatic reduction in the number of animals required for drug studies.
  • Sensors to monitor the response of tumors to specific treatments.
  • Optical methods for noninvasive imaging of neural activation and brain function.
  • Optical methods for identifying different types of infectious agents.


Rock Band Party, October 15 2010

Front row: Molly Keenan, Brittany Phillips, Allison Lo, Alessandra Forcucci. Back row: Irving Bigio, Nate Tan, Zhenia Aizenberg, Ousama A'Amar, Katherine Calabro, Aysegul Ergin, Christine Mulvey, Ali Badreddine, Bobby Liu