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Albright Fellows’ Reports on the ASOR Blog

Albright Institute Fellows 2012


All twenty one reports from last year’s (2011–2012) W. F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research fellows are now hosted on the ASOR Blog. Fellows write about the research they undertook while resident at the Albright in Jerusalem. Their reports cover topics from the analysis of biblical literature, to writing up archaeological field work, to museum studies of artifacts. Their periods of interest range from the Neolithic through Islamic times and deal with everything from tools types to literature.

1. 'Kinyras: The Divine Lyre’ by John C. Franklin


2. 'The Source of Sin and its Nature as Portrayed in Second Temple Literature’ by Miryam T. Brand (pictured at right)


3. 'The Chalcolithic to Early Bronze Age (EB) Transition – Investigation of a Weak Link’ by Eliot Braun


4. ‘The Philistine Remains at Tell es-Safi/Gath: Their Regional and Transcultural Connections with the Aegean and Cyprus’ by Louise Hitchcock


5. ‘To Unify and Distinguish: The Making of “Crusader” Art’ by Lisa Mahoney


6. ‘The Tel Burna Archaeological Project’ by Joe Uziel


7. ‘Metal Implements and Tool Marks from the Levantine Second Millennium BC’ by Nicholas Blackwell

8. ‘From Code to Discourse: The Semantics of Ancient Near Eastern Ritual’ by Yitzhaq Feder

9. ‘The Emergence of Social Complexity: Changes in Animal Management Strategies between the Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age in the Near East’ by Austin C. Hill


10. ‘Geographical Factors in the Defense of Judah and Israel’ by Kyle Keimer


11. ‘Evidence of the Arabian Incense Trade in the Southern Levant: Altars and Alabaster Perfume Jars from the Axial Age (8th-4th Centuries B.C.E.)’ by William Zimmerle


12. ‘Nomad Archaeology in the Near East’ by Jiafen Cheng


13. ‘Chinese and Western Cultural Exchange in Archaeology: A Focus on Glassware’ by Shuo Geng

14. ‘The Image of Suffering Women in the Book of Lamentations and Nanjing Holocaust Literature: A Cross-Textual Reading’ by Zhe Li

15. 'The Origins of the Early States in China and Israel: Through A Comparative Study’ by Xinhui Luo (pictured at right)

16. ‘The Relationship of Egypt and its Vassals as Reflected in the Amarna Tablets’ by Yuan Zhihui

17.  ‘Ecclesia Diaboli: The Demonization of the Gentile Religion in Jewish and Christian Thought’ by Aleksander Michalak

18. ‘Terracotta Oil Lamps from Qumran and Ein Feshkha (R. de Vaux’s Excavations, 1951-1958): Typology, Chronology and the Question of Manufacturing Centers’ by Jolanta Mlynarczyk

19. ‘Typology and Semantics of Cryptograms and Acrolexa in the Orthodox East in the Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Period’ by Emmanuel Moutafov

20. ‘Trade and Trophy: Near Eastern Imports in the Sarmatian Culture’ by Oleksandr Symonenko (pictured at right)

21. ‘Study of Early Pottery Workshops in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Near East Around 6,000 cal. BC’ by Ingmar Franz




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