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FAQs for the ASOR Online Store

  • Q: How do I login to my NetForum online account?
    • A: You can follow the links on the ASOR website or you can click here. Your username is your email address on record at the ASOR office, and your initial password should have been sent to you earlier. If you have forgotten the initial password, please email the publications office or call us at 617-358-4376. Once you login for the first time, you will be required to choose a new password.

  • Q: What is my NetForum login name and password?
    • A: Your login name is your email address on file with ASOR. Your initial password was sent to you in an earlier email. If you do not have the password, please email the publications office or call us at 617-358-4376.

  • Q: I have the login instructions, but I cannot figure out how to use the Online Store to join or renew my ASOR membership.
    • You can either call the ASOR office (617-358-4376)
    • Or, you can watch a video tutorial, or download a detailed PDF document with instructions (complete with screen shots) for using the online system to join or renew ASOR. Click here to download the instructions.
  • Q: I have logged into the NetForum online store before, but what do I do if I've forgotten my password.
    • A: No problem, you can either click on the link for "forgot my password" on the login page, or you can email the publications office or call us at 617-358-4376
  • Q: I have paid my membership dues, so why am I still receiving reminder emails and letters?
    • A: The software package is limited and does not recognize renewals if you buy a new membership from the online store rather than renewing your membership or pay an open invoice. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thus, if you purchased your membership in the online store rather than paying an invoice, the ASOR staff needs to enter a manual correction (the software has entered a new subscription for one year in the future but not correctly entered your renewal). In order to correct this problem, click here to contact ASOR membership services or call us at 617-358-4376. When you contact us, please tell us that you bought a new membership rather than renewing, and we'll correct the problem.

  • Q: I have paid for my membership/ subscription, but why haven't received any journals?
    • A: The issue may be that we have an incorrect address on file for you. You can check this online by accessing your NetForum account. The issue may also be that you did not select the journals you wish to receive in the demographics section of your online membership profile when you joined (if these preferences are not selected, you'll need to contact the ASOR office to have them updated). If you check you online information and the address is correct, please email the publications office or give us a call at 617-358-4376, and we will correct the error. When you contact us, please include your complete name and membership number (if you can find it-- we can look it up if you cannot find it).
If you have problems, please call the ASOR office at 617-358-4376 or email our Membership and Subscriber Services department at



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