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There are 6 comments on Digging Away at a Mystery

  1. Why do you say Eritrea is dangerous? It is not! Is in fact the safest place, starting from the cities to towns to the villages. Go there and find out! Don’t just repeat what you hear or read.!

  2. Hi Ms. Bard,
    If the Egyptians dragged their ships across the desert from the Nile to the Red Sea as you say, why would they also go to all the trouble of digging a canal connecting these two bodies of water:

    “According to tradition, the Egyptians dug a canal to link the eastern part of the Nile Delta with the Red Sea as early as the 1900s B.C… Later the canal–was restored by Ramses II (1290-1223 BCE) and again by Persia, after Egypt was conquered by Persia (1223 BCE). (3:151) Barentszoon’s Portolano map of 1595 [CE] also clearly shows a canal there …” (Covey, as cited in Van Sertima, 1992, pp.123-124).

    The above quote is from my dissertation. Evidence concerning “accurate history” can be found if you look hard enough. Case in point, see the book, “The First Americans Were Africans: Documented Evidence.” It will be out in November and you may fine it on my website: HistoricTruth.Info

    David Imhotep Ph.D.

    1. Dr Imhotep,

      A quick google search shows many links to your book and website, with a few entries for afro-centric sounding journals and “Atlantis Rising.”

      Do you have any links to your entries in peer reviewed journals?

  3. Yes, it’s perfectly safe! No problems at all*

    “A number of Eritrean-U.S. dual citizens have been arrested without apparent cause. Once arrested, detainees may be held for extended periods without being told the purpose of their incarceration. Conditions are harsh – those incarcerated may be held in very small quarters without access to restrooms, bedding, food, or clean water. The Eritrean government does not inform the U.S. Embassy when U.S. citizens, including those who are not dual nationals, have been arrested or detained. ”

    But aside from those pesky detentions, everything is perfectly fine!

  4. I have lived in and out of Eritrea for the last 10 years (Mexican). It is a difficult environment because of human rights issues as is well documented. However, IF you are not involved in any political matters, I agree it is the safest place in the world. There is in fact, so much undercover activity going on that there is constant surveillance all around you. The Eritrean people are wonderful, hospitable, incredibly welcoming people. As a woman traveling on my own, I have never had any fear, and felt perfectly safe to walk the streets alone, at night at 10 or 11 pm, whatsoever.
    Just need to stay away from any politics and you are safer than many other places on the planet, particularly in major cities where the odds of something happening are much higher.

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