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There are 5 comments on Haunted by Eugene O’Neill

  1. “For example, there was a period of time at night when a gust of wind would blow underneath the door from the hallway into our room.”

    did you have your window open??? Simple physics of pressure/temperature differences. Case closed…

  2. Having lived on the 4th floor of Shelton as a faculty-member-in-residence (FIR) for 8 years (1999-2007) I had very ample opportunity to encounter O’Neill’s ghost (especially coming home from the lab in post-midnight hours). To my great regret (since I have long been a big O’Neill fan, nothing supernatural occurred in my presence. However, it always felt uplifting to think that he had once walked those corridors. In 2003 (the 50th anniversary of O’Neill’s death), with President Chobanian’s help we dedicated a plaque to his memory in the front lobby. Next to it is a photocopy of a letter from Carlotta O’Neill to a friend written on “Hotel Shelton” stationery a few days after Eugene’s death. I was fortunate to be able to track down a doctor in St. Louis whose hobby has been collecting O’Neill memorabilia and he kindly made the copy available free of charge. I also much enjoyed helping Steve Weiss (the 4th-floor RA at the time) to start (and later RAs to continue) “Eugene’s Legacy,” which the Office of Residence Life kindly sponsored. I think the Shelton ambiance contributed to the motivation of the student writers who published work there. It was (and I’m sure continues to be) good stuff. O’Neill is doubtless pleased with his legacy. If there **is** a ghost, I’m sure it’s a benevolent one!

  3. I had a really bad experience when I was a student living in Shelton hall. I was in my room around 530 about to go downstairs to eat in the cafeteria when I heard the trolley in kenmore square go by…I thought nothing of it cause I have it heard many times before. But then I heard it go by a second time, and I thought that they were backed up because I heard a third time and then a fourth as if it was going in waves. That’s when I realized something was really wrong. And then all of a sudden I felt like all the air in the got sucked out of my body and room turned an eerie green all awhile the loud noise from the trains was constant..I was paralyzed on my bed. I could not move. All I could do was look up on my ceiling.. There, a huge fucking face formed through the ceiling’s glaze…it had demonic black eyes staring down at me. I was scared shitless. But I could not scream..all I could feel was my pounding heartbeat.. I felt like my heart was about to come out of my chest. The face was just a face, no body and it had cloudy mists emanating from circumference. It just stared at me and it seemed like the more I feared it the more dead my body felt.. By this time room appeared very dark…the only thing could do was close my eyes…I believe in God and I ask God in my mind to take this away from me. The noise began to break up as if the the constant train sound began to go in waves again..the room began to to bring up the fluorescent lighting again and finally I was able with all my might to push myself off my bed. I jumped and surprisingly started laughing. And I kept saying I beat you I beat you.. That’s when the noise began to build again and I could feel my body began to feel heavy. I said to myself hell no and I ran out of my room into the hallway…for some reason I didn’t tell anybody…but I swear this did happen to me…

    20 years later I was talking to a friend and mentioned to me about a movie he saw and it reminded him of this story that I told him..

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