Training & Curriculum


The specific education you receive in Army ROTC will include things like leadership development, military skills and adventure training. This will take place both in the classroom and in the field, but you will have a normal daily schedule like all college students. Army ROTC is comprised of two phases: Basic Course and Advanced Course.

Army ROTC Basic Course

The Basic Course normally takes place during your first two years in college as elective courses. It normally involves one elective class or lab each semester. You will learn basic military skills and the fundamentals of leadership, as well as start the groundwork toward becoming an Army leader. You can take Army ROTC Basic Course without a military commitment.

Army ROTC Advanced Course

The Advanced Course takes place during your last two years in college as elective courses. It normally includes one elective class or lab each semester, plus a summer leadership course. You will learn advanced military tactics and gain experience in team organization, planning and decision-making. Entering the Advanced Course requires a commitment to serve as an Officer in the U.S. Army after you graduate.

Freshman Year: The Role Of The Army

Roles and Origins of the Army
Army Customs and Traditions
Branches of the Army
Military Operations and Tactics

    Sophomore Year: The Role Of An Officer

    Role of the Officer and Noncommissioned Officer
    Code of Conduct
    First Aid
    Principles of War
    Military Operations and Tactics

      Junior Year: Small Unit Training

      Command and Staff Functions
      Nuclear, Biochemical and Chemical Warfare
      Law of War
      Human Behavior
      Math Reasoning
      Computer Science
      Military Operations and Tactics

        Senior Year: Transition To Becoming An Officer

        Military Justice
        Intelligence and Electronic Warfare
        Army Personnel Management
        Army Logistics
        Post and Installation Support
        Military Operations and Tactics



          Army Physical Training

          CDT McGill doing push-ups as part of the Army Physical Fitness Test.

          Photos from PT   At six o’clock every Monday and Friday, cadets of the Battalion are already up, doing pushups, situps, and running in addition to a variety of other exercises. During the warmer months of the Fall season, cadets exercise on Nickerson Field in Boston University’s West Campus. Once winter hits, they move indoors to the Boston University Track and Tennis Center. While a shock at first to a student used to late wake ups, the majority of cadets insist that they enjoy getting up, having already gotten some exercise while their peers sleep.

          Leadership Laboratory (LLAB)

          Cadets move during LLAB

          Photos from LLAB Once a week, cadets assemble to take part in an educational lab. When weather permits, practical exercises in movement and battle drills are taught, and as weather gets bad, the class moves inside for lectures. The following are just a few of the exciting things you will experience at leadership lab:

          • Lead a squad and platoon size element through tactical STX and patrolling missions.
          • Disassemble and assemble an M16A2 rifle and conduct function checks on a malfunctioning weapon
          • Recognize the symptoms of cold and hot weather injuries as well as how to treat them
          • Navigate your way through terrain with only a map, protractor, and compass