What role does the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs have in faculty development?

A major goal of the Associate Provost’s work is to ensure that every faculty member at Boston University has the appropriate rank and title, and a clear path for professional development. Additional responsibilities touch on recruitment, retention, faculty salary and quality of life for all faculty.

Examples of activities related to Titles, Promotion and Career Path

  • The Associate Provost is available to meet with faculty members at all stages of their careers to discuss individual concerns regarding professional advancement, career trajectory, work-life balance and equity issues. Please contact the Associate Provost Julie Sandell, 617-358-5846, or her assistant, Deb Lynch, 617-358-1683, to set up an appointment.  Any discussions are strictly confidential. Additional resources and advice for individual faculty members can be found in the Promotion section of this website.
  • The Associate Provost meets with groups of faculty who have common concerns or questions about the promotion process at Boston University, or school- or college-specific questions or concerns about University-wide standards for different ranks and tracks.
  • The Associate Provost works with Deans and Associate Deans as they develop and revise Faculty Expectations for each unit. The goal is make sure that the expectations are clear for faculty, promulgate a similar high standard of activity and achievement across the large and diverse University, and provide informative, discipline-specific examples of ways that faculty can meet those standards.
  • The Associate Provost serves as a member of the University Appointments, Promotion and Tenure (UAPT) Committee on the CRC.

Examples of activities related to Recruitment and Retention

  • The Associate Provost meets with search committee chairs early in the search process every year  to discuss best practices for open and inclusive searches, resources for recruitment available at Boston University and elsewhere, reporting requirements for Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity (AA/EO), and research related to unintended bias that can influence the search and recruitment process.  You can find many of these resources in the Recruitment section of this website.
  • The Associate Provost is available to meet with search committee members or candidates at any time to answer questions that arise in the search process, or questions that a candidate may have regarding working as a faculty member at Boston University.
  • The Associate Provost works with our Affirmative Action Officer and others in the Provost’s Office to review search proposals and outcomes from the AA/EO perspective.  We are constantly working to improve our faculty recruiting outreach to underrepresented populations in our various academic disciplines.  If you have a suggestion or need help with a search, please contact us.
  • The Associate Provost works on dual-career issues as they arise in recruitment or retention situations by facilitating connections between units within the University, and external resources.

Examples of activities related to Faculty Salary

  • The Associate Provost oversees the annual faculty merit review process and the salary increase process for the Charles River Campus. She reviews all of the salary recommendations and meets with each Dean to finalize the recommended salaries. In addition the she participates in the final discussions about recommended salaries that takes place between the Provost and President.
  • This website provides links to public and private information about faculty salary at Boston University and as collected for specific disciplines from external sources.  Please see the Compensation section for more information.

Examples of activities related to Quality of Life and Satisfaction of Faculty

  • The Associate Provost participates in the development, administration and analysis of faculty surveys, including the COACHE survey of junior faculty, the Boston University Faculty Climate Survey and exit surveys. The most recent survey results can be seen in the Resources section of this website.
  • The Associate Provost helped draft a new Childbirth Leave and Paid Workload Reduction Policy for full-time professorial Faculty, Lecturers and Instructors who become parents, and oversees the implementation of this policy.  You can read more about this on the Personal Life page within the Resources section of this website.