The Andersson Group (most of them, anyway)

Summer 2013 (December) group lunch


Sean B. AnderssonSean Andersson cv home page
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Division of Systems EngineeringENG 421
Office: 617-353-4949
s a n d e r s s @ b u . e d u

Graduate students

Trevor Ashley
phd student (G5)
Mechanical Engineering
t a s h l e y @ b u . e d u
Tian Huang
ms student (G2)
Mechanical Engineering
t i a n h @ b u . e d u
Yufan Luo
phd student (G3)
Systems Engineering
l u o y u f o @ b u . e d u
Dmitriy Yamkovoy
ms student (G5)
Electrical Engineering
d p y @ b u . e d u
Yu_Xi_photo Xi Yu
phd student (G4)
Mechanical Engineering
x y u @ b u . e d u

Undergraduate students

Pei-Chuan Fu
undergraduate student (U4)
Mechanical Engineering


Grad students

Ana Medina-Ayala (Ph.D. in ME, 2014)
Jeffrey Worthy (M.S. in ME 2014, currently at Schlumberger Research)
Brian Maxwell (M.S. in ME 2014, currently at Brooks Automation)
Peng Huang (Ph.D. in ME, 2013, currently at Western Digital)
Morteza Lahijanian (Ph.D. in ME, 2012, currently a Postdoc at Rice University)
Peter Chang (Ph.D. in ME, 2012, currently an Assistant Professor at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology)
Zhaolong Shen (Ph.D. in ME, 2011, currently at Western Digital)
Ting (Rita) Sun (MS in ME, 2008, currently at Sclumberger)

Undergrad students
Shin Watanabe (BS in ME, 2015)
Tru Hoang (BS in ME, 2015)
Igor Pereira de Paula
Darya Akimova (BA in BCMB, 2012)
Aditi Basu (BS in ME, 2012)
Catherine Chan-Tse (BS in ECE, 2013)
Alessandra Forcucci (BS in BME, 2011)
Peter Galvin (BS in ECE, 2012)
Gui Goretkin (BS in BME, 2009)
Zhanna Kaufman
Maureen (Molly) Keenan (BS in BME, 2011)
Jungyeoul (Brad) Maeng (BS in AE, 2011)
Jeremy Rosenthal
Richard Walker IV (BS in ME, 2009)