2005 Awardees

Investigator: Angela Jefferson, PhD
Project Title: Neurogenetics and Mild Cognitive Impairment

The purpose of this project is to longitudinally examine relationships between APOE genotype and cognitive functioning among individuals with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) using extant data from the ADC’s clinical research registry. The project will (1) examine the frequency of APOE polymorphisms associated with MCI subtypes, and (2) determine whether there is a cognitive phenotype associated with the APOE genotype in MCI, as has previously been reported in Alzheimer’s disease.

Investigator: Maureen O’Connor, PsyD
Project Title: The Effects of Exercise Training on Physical and Cognitive Function in Community Dwelling African Americans

There is ample evidence that exercise can decrease cardiovascular risk factors and improve physical and cognitive functioning. However, it is often difficult to motivate individuals to participate in activity and maintain that activity level over time. Further, minority groups at highest risk of cerebrovascular disease often lack the access and financial resources necessary to engage in physical activity. The novel exercise training program, “Put a Swing in Your Life,” created by the Boston Housing Authority, provides golf instruction to community dwelling urban elders who might otherwise not have access to exercise training. The purpose of the present study is to empirically validate the effectiveness of this program in modifying the biological and cognitive markers associated with cerebrovascular disease in the target population.