Interdisciplinary Courses

  • STH TF 701: Reading the World I: History, Theology, Contexts
    This two-course sequence invites students to read the world historically, theologically, and sociologically through the lens of Christian traditions. In studying challenges faced by communities of faith, both past and present, students acquire an understanding of the basic theological categories and frameworks that have guided Christians through the ages, gain an overview of the chronology of Christian history, and learn the arts of thick contextual description and analysis. MDIV & MTS CORE REQUIREMENT.
  • STH TF 702: Reading the World II: History, Theology, Contexts
    Continuation of TF 701.
  • STH TF 703: Practices of Faith I
    The purpose of this year-long course is to deepen participants? prehension and practices of faith in relation to the larger Christian narrative and the more particular narratives of diverse human communities and persons. To accomplish this, students will study communities of faith through reading, the arts, and observation, and they will reflect on their own faith traditions, spiritual formation, ethical commitments, and vocational discernment. Throughout the year, participants will also engage with ministering communities through guest lecturers, contextual immersions, and service in contextual placements. Such experiences will be enriched through ongoing reflection and faith sharing in weekly small groups. MDIV CORE REQUIREMENT (OPTIONAL CORE FOR MTS).
  • STH TF 704: Practices of Faith II
    Continuation of TF703.
  • STH TF 801: MTS Contextual Education Project
    All MTS students fulfill a contextual education requirement that incorporates 1) active as well as reflective learning; 2) out-of-classroom as well as classroom learning; and 3) self-reflective learning in which students become aware of their position in, and effect on, the contexts in which theological education and religious leadership are performed and enacted. While this may be fulfilled through a standard contextual education internship, the year-long TF 703/704 Practices of Faith sequence, or an STH course-related travel seminar, the TF 801 course affords students the opportunity to designed a customized, one-semester project that facilitates the integration of theory and practice as well as vocational discernment and leadership development in religion and theology. Guidelines for developing the project are available on the Contextual Education website at STH. Students taking TF801 meet weekly with a Contextual Action and Reflection (CAR) group throughout the semester.
  • STH TF 808: Travel Seminar
    From time to time, STH faculty lead travel seminars that facilitate learning in contexts around the globe. Recent seminars include travel to Cuba and to Israel/Palestine. Spring 2013 Section M1: Travel seminar conducted in conjuction with Montreal City Mission, a century- old community ministry of the United Church of Canada. Students will explore culture, language, religious and ethnic identity in relation to multiple populations. Special themes to include ministry challenges and opportunities when thinking in terms of otherness and belonging. Cost is $300/student. Limited enrollment and subject to instructor's approval. Course meets at 1-4p.m. on January 15 & May 30 in Boston (room TBD). Dates of trip to Montreal are May 21-27. Spring 2013 Section M2: This course affords students an opportunity to learn first-hand about the political and religious histories of Israel/Palestine from multiple perspectives by means of direct interactions with key Israeli and Palestinian leaders, visits to important cultural sites, and in-depth discussions with members of diverse local communities. The course is configured around a trip to Israel/Palestine, May 20-30, 2013. Four trip pre-sessions are required: Saturday, March 23, Thursdays 6-8pm on April 11, 25 and May 9.
  • STH TF 810: Global and Community Engagement Capstone
    MDiv students on the Global and Community Engagement track design a customized practicum or seminar with the help of their advisor that serves as an integrative capstone course and culmination of their degree program.
  • STH TF 811: Church and the Arts Capstone
    MDiv students on the Church and the Arts track design a customized practicum or seminar with the help of their advisor that serves as an integrative capstone course and the culmination of their degree program.
  • STH TF 821: Contextual Education I (Dual Degree)
    Integration of Theology and Practice (ITP) reflection groups for STH-SSW dual degree students in their advanced placements. Offered fall semester. 1 credit. MDIV CORE REQUIREMENT.
  • STH TF 822: Contextual Education II (Dual Degree)
    Continues and presupposes STH TF821 for STH-SSW dual degree students. Offered spring semester. 1 credit. MDIV CORE REQUIREMENT.
  • STH TF 901: Doctoral Colloquium 1
    All first-year ThD and PhD students at STH are required to take this two-semester doctoral colloquia associated with the Doctoral Research and Teaching Internship Program (DTRIP). The colloquia focus on (1) research methods, (2) teacher training, and (3) professional identity.
  • STH TF 902: Doctoral Colloquium 2
    The continuation of TF901.