Travel Seminar: A1 )Dual Narratives Israel Palestine ; F1) Ferguson

STH TF 808

A1) Israel/Palestine: This course affords students an opportunity to learn first-hand about the history, conflict, and efforts at peacemaking in the Middle East through the lenses of the dual narratives of Israelis and Palestinians and from a variety of cultural, political, and religious backgrounds in that region. The course is configured around a trip to Israel/Palestine, and the "dual narratives" approach is distinctive in that it is not privileging one narrative of the conflict but, instead, introducing students to multiple narratives, thereby asking them to interpret the layers of the conflict from multiple perspectives. F1) Ferguson, MO -This five-day travel seminar is designed to provide a contextual experience by exploring how faith, race, and social justice activism have intersected during this current national civil rights crisis using Ferguson - a central protest site - as a case study.

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