Oral Immunology & Microbiology

SDM OB 766

Immunology section: The purpose of this course is to present material relative to the subject of oral immunobiology. The course will deal with the basics of the immune reaction from a subcellular level to an entire host reaction as they pertain to the etiology and pathogenesis of the disease processes in oral cavity. This course will relate basic science findings to the clinical situations with an emphasis on treatment modalities for delivering clinical care. It is also the purpose of the course to provide an understanding of disease pathogenesis so that an informed basis of therapy can be recommended. Microbiology section: The purpose of this course is to examine the complex microbial ecology of the mouth, with focus on the key microbes involved in dental diseases. The course will include the basic aspects of oral biofilm formation and microbial pathogenicity, with focus on the microbial diversity involved in caries, periodontal and periapical infections. There will be a short analysis of diagnostic microbial identification, as well as treatment modalities. This course will attempt to link microbial clinical problems with basic infectious disease concepts, for a well informed approach to treatment.

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