• CGS MA 113: Elementary Statistics
    MA 113 may not be taken for credit by any student who has completed any MA course numbered 300 or higher. Students may receive credit for not more than one of the following courses: CAS MA 113, MA 115, or MA 213. Basic concepts of estimation and tests of hypotheses, ideas from probability; one-, two-, and multiple-sample problems. Applications in social sciences. Primarily for students in the social sciences who require a one-semester introduction to statistics; others should consider CAS MA 115 or MA 213. Carries MCS divisional credit in CAS.
  • CGS MA 115: Statistics
    For students needing a general statistics course for their major. It fulfills the mathematics requirement for CAS and the statistics requirement for SHA and COM. The course covers the general concepts of tests and hypotheses, numerical and graphical summaries of univariate and bivariate data. Students work with problems involving basic probability, random variables, binomial distribution, normal distribution. One-sample statistical inference for normal means and binomial probabilities are examined. Applications in the natural sciences and social sciences.
  • CGS MA 121: Calculus
    For students continuing to management or needing an introductory calculus course for their major. Fulfills the CAS and SMG mathematics requirement. This course covers differentiation and integration of functions of one variable and emphasizes application over mathematical generality. Applications in the natural sciences, social sciences, and management.