BFA in Printmaking

The Printmaking program provides professional training for studio practice in the print media, using both contemporary and traditional approaches. Building on the rigorous observational studio practice in the foundation program, students entering the Printmaking major encounter basic entry-level courses—intaglio, relief, lithography, screen printing, book arts, and digital printmaking—in which they learn the processes and develop ideas in the various print media, and are trained in materials, history, and analysis. In the upper levels, advanced practice courses consolidate knowledge and encourage innovation and excellence, building toward a body of work with an individual voice and a specialized set of concerns and media, and culminating in the BFA Thesis Exhibition. Students in Printmaking are also expected to critique and write about their own and others’ work, and submit a written statement to accompany their exhibition.

A minimum of five courses are required in Printmaking (including a thesis semester), as well as a semester of Contemporary Issues Seminar, Painting II, the Art of the Multiple seminar, and at least one additional semester of Drawing beyond the foundation level. Additional studio electives include two courses in one other major studio discipline and free electives supporting in-depth studio practice. Multidisciplinary study is encouraged, and students benefit from a close working relationship with faculty. Students are encouraged to interact with the community, attend national conferences to build professional associations, and learn to maintain an active profile as professional artists.

The ultimate goal is to prepare students for career entry in the world of professional printmaking, with an understanding of their context in contemporary art. They will be fluent in the concepts, processes, experimentation, and materials that are necessary to create work on an advanced level in printmaking, developing work from idea to finished product, and will be able to analyze and respond critically to their own work and the work of others, to become contributing members of the creative community.

Printmaking Program of Study

The BFA requires 132 semester credits.

Printmaking Major Prerequisites (40 prerequisite credits total):
CFA AR 131, 132 Drawing I (first two freshman semesters) 8 cr
Additional Drawing or Printmaking electives 8 cr
CFA AR 121 Foundation Sculpture 4 cr
CFA AR 141, 241 Foundation Painting, Painting II 8 cr
CAS AH 111, 112 Art History (minimum two semesters) 8 cr
CAS WR 100 Freshman Writing 4 cr
Printmaking Major Requirements (44 credits total):
CFA AR 447, 447, 451, 452 Printmaking Major Studios (minimum four semesters) 20 cr
Drawing elective (advanced) 4 cr
Graphic Design/Painting/Sculpture electives 8 cr
Studio elective 4 cr
CFA AR 329 or 331 Contemporary Issues Seminar 2 cr
CFA AR 450 Art of the Multiple 2 cr
CAS AH 393 Contemporary Art History—1980 to Present 4 cr
Electives (48 credits total):
Sciences/Social Sciences/History 8 cr
Language/Literature/Philosophy 8 cr
Additional liberal arts electives 12 cr
Additional studio or general electives 20 cr
132 cr