• CFA MT 621: Graduate Composition
    Prereq: Two years of composition. Original work in advanced musical composition. May be repeated for credit. 3 cr.
  • CFA MT 630: Orchestration
    Orchestration I Contemporary orchestral techniques, focusing on scoring for modern winds, brass, strings and mixed ensembles, including full orchestra. Concepts include chord spacing, melodic projection, layering and delineation of material, and extended instrumental techniques. Materials are approached through readings, listening, writing and analytical work.
  • CFA MT 631: Orchestration 1
    Basic techniques in scoring for chorus, orchestra, band, and ensembles. Ranges and transpositions of voices and instruments; idiomatic writing, score reading, and clef transposition. 3 cr.
  • CFA MT 632: Orchestration 2
    Prereq: CFA MT 631. Contemporary orchestral techniques. Advanced study in scoring for modern orchestras, ensembles, choruses, and bands. 3 cr.
  • CFA MT 635: Composing with Electronic Sounds and Computers 1
    Aesthetic and technical knowledge needed to complete individual, creative work using electronic media alone or with acoustic instruments. Use of computers, recording equipment, digital editing software, and sound analysis software: developing basic skills in synthesis, sampling, digital recording and live performance techniques. Listening assignments provide an introduction to existing literature and relevant aspects of acoustic and electronic theory. May not be taken concurrently with CFA MT436. 2 cr.
  • CFA MT 636: Composing with Electronic Sounds and Computers 2
    Prereq: CFA MT 635 or equivalent experience and permission from instructor. Expansion of aesthetic and technical knowledge in the domains of computer music, sound manipulation and sound recording. Introduction to computer-assisted composition environments and real-time interaction between electronics and instruments. 2 cr.
  • CFA MT 641: Modal Counterpoint
    Analysis and writing of sixteenth-century vocal styles based on the practices of Palestrina, Lassus, and others. 2 cr.
  • CFA MT 642: Tonal Counterpoint
    The study of the early eighteenth-century styles of J.S. Bach and his contemporaries, with an emphasis on the relationship between theory and practice. Special attention will be paid to composing and analyzing invertible counterpoint, canon, two-part inventions and fugue. This is a graduate course, cross-listed with the graduate course MT 342. 2 cr.
  • CFA MT 645: Contemporary Techniques 1
    Analysis and original application of contemporary compositional techniques and processes. 2 cr.
  • CFA MT 665: Schenkerian Analysis
    Critical discussion and training in the theory and analytic techniques of Heinrich Schenker and his followers. Lectures leading to individual projects utilizing his methods. 3 cr.
  • CFA MT 668: Understanding Opera
    Exploring opera from its beginnings c. 1600 to the present, this course focuses on close readings of scores and their text/music relationships through a primarily analytic lens. Discussions, in general chronological order, will center on the problems of analyzing opera, and the analytic application to these multilayered texts of phrase rhythms, sonata forms, la solita forma and extended/interrupted harmonic structures.
  • CFA MT 671: Fugue
    Analysis and writing of fugues in three and four voices based on the practice of J. S. Bach and his contemporaries. 2 cr.
  • CFA MT 681: Music of Our Time: Composers and Repertoire
    Overview of a cross-section of contemporary composers, and trends in music. Focus on composers and places that have become major hubs of compositional activity and ideas. Composers of many different nationalities and aesthetic orientations will be studied. 3 cr.
  • CFA MT 701: Doctoral Theory Proseminar
    Preparation for doctoral qualifying examination in tonal and post-tonal music theory. 2 cr.
  • CFA MT 751: Special Topics in Theory and Analysis
    Examination of important topics in music theory and analysis. Individual papers and projects assigned by the instructor. 3 cr. (May be repeated for credit).
  • CFA MT 761: Advanced Tonal Analysis
    Prereq: CFA MT 601. Advanced work involving analytic approaches to pitch organization, form, motive, rhythm, etc. with emphasis on nineteenth-century music. 3 cr.
  • CFA MT 771: Performance and Analysis
    Review of literature concerning the relation of analysis to musical performance; practical application of theoretical and analytic concepts to performance decisions; written exercises addressing performance issues. 3 cr.
  • CFA MT 781: Jazz and Popular Arranging
    Standard notational methods; chord vocabulary; arrangements of popular melodies in a variety of styles; development of materials from lead sheets; class performance of arrangements.
  • CFA MT 889: Ind Project/Ds
  • CFA MT 899: Independent Project/Directed Study
    Specialized, individually tailored and guided work on projects not connected with a thesis, dissertation or other terminal document, but of particular interest to the graduate student. Variable credit.