The Department of Music is closely allied with the School of Music at the College of Fine Arts (CFA). The Music major combines foundational courses in music theory and music history with elective offerings that span the areas of both Western and non-Western classical and popular music traditions. Within certain bounds, students are able to customize their course of study to best fit their own interests, guided by one of the most distinguished assemblages of scholar-artists in the world. Although the BA in Music is not a performance degree, opportunities for students include credit toward the major for coursework in applied music as well as participation (by audition) in School of Music ensembles. The major prepares students for graduate work in musicology, theory, and composition; for music teaching, criticism, librarianship, and publication; and for careers in arts management and other broad areas of the music and arts industry.

Information on the various music minors offered through CFA and open to all Boston University students may be found at CFA’s Music Minors & Other BU Music Programs website.

Note: Students who are primarily interested in the bachelor of music in instrumental or vocal performance, composition, or music history should apply directly to the School of Music at the College of Fine Arts.