Explaining Violence

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  • Jessica Stern, terrorism expert at Boston University Pardee School of Global Studies

    Part I Explaining Violence: Lessons from Terrorists

    In this four-part series, BU Today looks at the work of BU researchers and medical experts who study and treat the causes and consequences of violence. Considered together, the four stories depict a vicious cycle of hurt, frustration, and vengeance that reverberates through every aspect of American life. In August 2012, Jessica Stern visited a high-security prison […]

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  • Casey Taft of Boston University School of Medicine, Emily Rothman of Boston University School of Public Health, Megan Bair-Merritt of Boston University School of Medicine

    Part II Explaining Violence: Intimate Partner Violence

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  • Melissa Holt and Jennifer Green of Boston University School of Education

    Part III Explaining Violence: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience

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  • Lisa Allee of Boston Medical Center Community Violence Response Team, Thea James of Boston Medical Center Violence Intervention Advocacy Program, Peter Burke Boston Medical Center Chief of Trauma Surgery, Bindu Kalesan of Boston University School of Medicine

    Part IV Explaining Violence: Healing the Wounds of Gun Violence

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