Boston University
Photo of a diverse of students, most of them women, taking a selfie behind a large blue picnic blanket. The women smile as a student of color holds up her phone to take the selfie. The grass of the park is bright green and British houses and a large tree can be seen in the background.
June 15, 2022
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CGS London Students Visit Bletchley Park

The College of General Studies six-week London summer semester is back for the first time since 2019, and on June 13, these Team B students (students are assigned to teams when they enroll) visited Bletchley Park, the principal center of Allied code-breaking during World War II. The group learned about the contribution of British intelligence agencies, estimated to have shortened the war by two to four years, as well as the impact of Alan Turing, founder of computer science, mathematician, philosopher, and codebreaker, on modern-day computer science. Now owned by the Bletchley Park Trust and open seven days a week as a museum, the 58-acre complex is about 50 miles north of London. Photo by Ziyu (Julian) Zhu (CGS’23)