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A Look Back at Move-in 2017

Slideshow captures annual migration


You know how hard it is to move into a new dorm room or an off-campus apartment. There’s the boxing up and loading the car, the long drive to campus (for many), and the frantic unloading and unpacking, to say nothing of the last-minute trips to Target or Bed Bath & Beyond for all the stuff you forgot.

Now imagine multiplying that by 11,530. That’s the number of students who arrived on campus during Move-in in the week leading up to Labor Day.

The first 1,349 students arrived on Monday, August 28, many of them freshmen and transfer students volunteering for BU’s First Year Student Outreach Project, the weeklong Community Service Center program that sends students to work with nonprofits across the Boston area.

Wednesday was the busiest day of Move-in week, with 2,625 students arriving, among them a large group of new, and mostly international, students checking in early for Thursday’s final Orientation session of the summer.

Saturday saw the arrival of another 2,600 students, then 1,700 more on Sunday.

Unloading help was available in the form of 90 red-shirted sophomores and upperclassmen who volunteered for this year’s Scarlet Squad. “They’re resourceful, they generate great energy, and we couldn’t do Move-in without them,” says David Zamojski, assistant dean of students and director of Residence Life, whose office oversees the volunteer brigade. “It’s a great BU tradition to have upperclassmen welcoming new students.”

More than two dozen Boston University police officers, assisted by officers from Boston, helped keep the traffic moving in the right direction.

“Move-in went as smooth as could be,” says Marc Robillard, executive director for auxiliary services. “The great weather helped, with rain holding off until Sunday, and by then all the freshmen and new transfer students had already arrived. We had a great staff, too. Everyone had a smile on their face.”

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