Elmurat Ashiraliev is a Ph.D. student in the Religion in Philosophy, Politics, and Society area of specialization under the direction of Prof. Adam Seligman. His research interests include religious conversion and minority religions in Central Asia with a focus on Kyrgyz Christians. Elmurat earned his M.A. from American University of Central Asia in Central Asian Studies and graduated summa cum laude from Osh State University in Theological (Islamic) Studies. Prior to starting his Ph.D. at Boston University, Elmurat was a visiting fellow at the Central Asia Program of George Washington University in 2019.
Ashiraliev, Elmurat. 2023. “Kyrgyzstan’s News Media Discourses on Tribalism: 2009-2014,” In Mapping the Media and Communication Landscape of Central Asia: An Anthology of Emerging and Contemporary Issues. Elira Turdubaeva and Evangelia Papoutsaki, eds. Lexington Books.