Our group’s review is published on Nanoscale!

Our group’s recent review by Xingda, Prof. Shyam Erramilli and Prof. Reinhard is published on Nanoscale! This review discusses recent progresses in plasmonic nanostructures as antimicrobial reagents through light-dependent, -independent and controlled delivery & release pathways against bacterial, viral and fungal pathogens. Check out the review here:

Plasmonic Nano-Antimicrobials: Properties, Mechanisms and Applications in Microbe Inactivation and Sensing.  X. An, S. Erramilli, and B. M. Reinhard. Nanoscale, (2021). (Review Article)

Read relevant papers published by our group in this field here:

Hybrid Plasmonic Photoreactors as Visible Light-Mediated Bactericides. X. An, N. Naowarojna, P. Liu, and B. M. Reinhard. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, (2019).
Plasmon-Enhances Pan-Microbial Pathogen Inactivation in the Cavitation Regime: Selectivity Without Targeting. M. Nazari, M. Xi, M. Aronson, O. Mcrae, M. K. Hong, S. Gummuluru, A. Sgro, J. Bird, L. Ziegler, C. Gillespie, K. Souza, N. Nguyen, R. M. Smith, A. Miura, S. Erramilli, B. M. Reinhard. ACS Appl. Nano Mater., (2019).
Engineering Nanoparticle Cluster Arrays for Bacterial Biosensing: The Role of the Building Block in Multiscale SERS Substrates, L. Yang, B. Yan, W.R. Premasiri, L.D. Ziegler, L.D. Negro, B.M. Reinhard, Advanced Functional Materials, 20, 2619 (2010).