RCT Program Registration

All students who wish to earn the RCT Certificate must register in the RCT program. Please click on this link to register for the RCT program through Boston University School of Theology. The link will take you to a Google form. This is a separate process from the BTI certificate application (which is completed in your final year of study; see below). Register for the RCT Program here.

The BTI Certificate

All students who complete the requirements of the program will receive the Certificate in Religion and Conflict Transformation offered through the Boston Theological Interreligious Consortium. However, you must complete the BTI certificate application form during your final year of study. Please click here to fill it out now.

Internship Application

Students enrolled in the RCT Program may sign up for an internship to supplement their coursework. An internship may be taken independently or for course credit. Please refer to the Internship page for more information and click here to fill out the Internship Application form.