Five Things About PR That Will Make You a Great Communicator

By: Yuqiu Rachel Liu

In recent years, PR professionals have earned much attention in the mass media. The show Flack is a perfect example of how the public views PR practitioners. Unfortunately, the actual PR work could be more morally ambiguous and cutthroat in real life. Nevertheless, some standard practices will help you be a great communicator personally and professionally. 

  • Stay truthful and authentic.


Meaningful relationships aren’t built on lies and manipulation. PR professionals have learned to offer honest client opinions for realistic expectations and tangible results. Good ethics will help you create a healthy relationship that suits your authenticity. 

  • Try your best to be helpful to others


A mutually beneficial relationship requires work from both sides. PR professionals strive to be responsive and helpful to journalists. Everyone appreciates people that go above and beyond. This will help you attract people who appreciate your qualities. 

  • Adapt emotional intelligent 


It takes a long way to be emotionally aware and empathetic to others. However, PR practitioners must understand people’s emotions as a prerequisite to improving internal and external relationships. When you can understand others’ feelings, it helps to build trustworthy relationships where others feel heard and recognized.

  • Stay connected 


Long-term relationships require a time investment to stay nurtured. PR people must check and follow up on their relationships to stay connected. Do not ghost your family or friends. Make sure to check in on them occasionally to be supportive and present.