Six ways for overcoming blogger’s block

By Neetu Wadhwani, Account Supervisor at PRLab



Source: More than 25 ways to help you push through blogger’s block and get writing. (2016)


It comes without a warning. It happens to all bloggers. The day to post has come, and you’re still scratching your head about what to write.

One day, we’re bursting with good ideas and creativity, and other days, we question why the heck we chose to become writers in the first place. You can’t shake that horrid feeling that everything’s been covered and there’s nothing new to say about your industry.

Don’t worry. Here are some amazing tips that will keep your fingers glued to your keyboards and banish bloggers block for good!
Play with the Format

The following options are quick and simple:

  • Listicles: People love them. Lists state ideas clearly and are easy to consume.
  • How-to: Everybody loves an easy to follow step-by-step process.
  • How not-to: This is a listicle or case study of what not to do in any given situation emphasizing the words “wrong” and “not.”
  • Problem Solved: Combination of a how-to and case study.
  • FAQ’s: A combination of how-to, problem solved and FYI, formatted as a listicle for easy consumption.
  • Checklists: It’s where a how-to meets a listicle. Visually appealing!
  • FYI: This is pure research and aims to educate readers on a subject of interest.
  • Trends: Some content creators are able to predict trends as they are happening. If you’re a trend spotter, create content that rides that emerging trend.  


Leverage the Power of Pictures

Every picture tells a story, doesn’t it? Try creating a photo essay alongside some descriptive captions and engage your audiences with a beautiful visual story.

Venture into vlogging (video blogging) as well. It’s the same as podcasting but with video. It’s a perfect way to connect with your audiences as they match your face with your voice. Plus, talking is more fun than writing at times!


Engage in Groups on LinkedIn

It can get rough when you’re the sole source of content. That is where networks can come in handy. LinkedIn groups give you a place to ask questions and share information on topics of common interest with other group members. You can see what people talk about and use the information or trends you spot as a writing prompt to help you get started on a new piece of content.

Tip: Use the comments from within a group as a jumping-off point for a new article or blog post.


Offer Personal Stories

You can run out of ideas for reports and how-to articles. Personal insights can give you a much-needed respite from churning out dry content.

Connections + Meaningful content + Authentic helpfulness = Outstanding blog


Don’t be afraid to Quote

Your own words can fail to drive home the point you want to make. Quotes from others come in very handy in this situation. They provide additional perspectives that can help you flesh up your work and tie your ideas together beautifully.


Unplug, Regenerate and Zap Exhaustion

Writing is hard when you’re all tapped out and that the cue to unplug, get off the grid and regenerate. Sleep plays an important role in learning, memory, creativity and insights. So remember to get a good night’s sleep to help bring fresh perspective to your writing.

There’s no denying that writer’s block can be difficult to overcome. There are no tried-and-tested cures for everyone, but these tips might just be the nudge you need to overcome your blogging block.


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