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Sexual Misconduct and Title IX Policies and Procedures

Policy and Procedures Applying to conduct that occurs on or after August 14, 2020

Sexual Misconduct Policy

Procedures for the Resolution of Non-Title IX Sexual Misconduct Complaints Against Students

Procedures for the Resolution of Non-Title IX Sexual Misconduct Complaints Against Faculty, Staff, Affiliates, and Non-Affiliates

Procedures for the Resolution of Title IX Sexual Misconduct Complaints Against Students, Faculty, Staff, Affiliates, and Non-Affiliates

Policy and Procedures Applying to conduct occurring on or before August 13, 2020

Sexual Misconduct/Title IX Policy

Procedures for the Resolution of Sexual Misconduct Complaints Against Faculty, Staff, Affiliates, and Non-Affiliates “Faculty Procedures”

Procedures for the Resolution of Sexual Misconduct Complaints against Students “Student Procedures”


New Policies

COVID-19 Policies for Students – Dean of Students Office, 2020

Student Testing Protocols and Expectations
Student COVID Compliance and Enforcement Protocols
Non-Resident and Guest Policy

Policy on Visiting Students, Effective fall 2020

Award of Posthumous Degrees by Boston University, Effective September 1, 2020

Policy on Visiting Faculty and Research Scholars, Effective September 1, 2020

Conflict of Commitment Policy – Policy is effective  7/31/20 and replaces the previous External Professional Activity Policy

Policy On Dissertation Work Outside Of Boston University, June 2020

Libraries Code of Conduct, June 2020

Cross-Listing Boston University Courses Policy, August 2019

Website Policy, March 2019

Updated Policies

Student Work Hours for Employment at Boston University Policy – Updated June 25, 2020

Academic Conduct Code – Academic Integrity Addendum for Graduate Students added, June 2020

Faculty Handbook – Extension Of The Probationary Period For Tenure Track Faculty , June 2020

Incomplete Coursework Policy

Advanced Placement (AP) Credit Policy, updated August 2019

Data Protection Standards, updated April 2019

HIPAA Policy Manual – Privacy and Security of Protected Health Information for BU Healthcare Provider Covered Components, Updated November 2018

Digital Privacy Statement, Revised August 2018.

Featured Policies and Procedures

Sexual Misconduct/Title IX Policy, adopted Sept. 2015, revised Aug. 2018.

Supplier Code of Ethical Conduct, adopted September 2012.

Protection of Minors Policy and Procedures, adopted in 2015.

Question About Policies?

If you have questions about University Policies or the process by which they are developed, refer to the About Policies page on this site which features information on the policy governance and approval process, or contact the Compliance Services Office or the Office of the Provost. To request that changes be made to a Policy on the website, contact the Compliance Services Office. They can help you understand the process for updating Policies and Procedures.

Policies Website Redesign

June 3, 2019 – The Policies website has undergone a renovation to improve the look and feel of the site. New features include improved search functionality and streamlined searching through the homepage, and the ability to  convert Policies hosted on the site into a printable PDF with the click of a button. The following graphic highlights some of the other new site features:

Renovated Policies website tips: Each policy has a permanent URL; Each policy has a red rectangle link on the top left-hand side of the page. Clicking the link downloads a PDF and printer-friendly version of the Policy; The Policy Header contains information about the policy, including the following: (1) The top right-hand side of the Policy provides the date the Policy is effective and when the Policy was most recently revised; (2) the type of document (Policy, Procedure, or Guidelines) is located above the name of the Policy; (3) Each policy falls under one or more related categories. The related categories are found just above the name of the policy; (3) The Policy title is prominently displayed, and (5) Below the Policy title is the Responsible Office (Policy owner) with a link to other Policies from the same Policy owner. In addition, a red circle with a white up arrow appears on the bottom right-hand side of the screen as a scroll tool that returns the user to the top of the Policy. At the bottom of each policy page is a section for additional resources including: related policies, BU websites and information, forms, appendices, and other useful information.