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Effective Date: April 10, 2017

HIPAA Policies for BU Health Plans Manual – Privacy and Security of Protected Health Information for BU Health Plans

Responsible Office Research Compliance

Table of Contents

Section Name
HP Introduction HIPAA and the Boston University Health Plans
Privacy and Security
Policy Responsibility
HP Policy 1 Basics
HP Policy 2 Individual Responsibilities for Safeguarding PHI
HP Policy 3 Routine Use and Disclosure of PHI
HP Policy 4 Non-Routine Uses and Disclosures of PHI without Authorization; Prohibited Uses
HP Policy 5 Authorizations and When They are Necessary
HP Policy 6 Individuals’ Rights under HIPAA
HP Policy 7 Breaches
HP Policy 8 Security Policy
HP Policy 9 Definitions
HP Appendix A: Contacts
HP Appendix B: Employees within the BU Health Plans Firewall
HP Appendix C. Boston University’s Certification regarding the Plan Documents