Scheduler platform changeover

January 20th, 2022in Important News

Good morning and Happy New Semester!I hope everyone was able to get a well-deserved break. This message is to inform you about our new scheduling system for core/shared equipment. The old system is broken/breaking and is past end of life. In order to provide the lowest rates to you, The... More

C2 Confocal -recent issue and WARNING

April 16th, 2021

The results of your feedback and a bit of forensic analysis have led to the following post-issue response. Background: on 4/11 two of the insert securing screws sheared off during operation.Although in the past, using an incorrect technique when changing inserts stripped the screws, that was not involved in the... More

Meet the new confocal series from Leica

September 23rd, 2020

Leica STELLARIS Confocal Workshop at BU The Proteomics and Imaging Core Facility is hosting Leica Microsystems and their STELLARIS confocal microscope in LSEB 448 from September 25-October 15th, 2020. The system will be available for guided walkthroughs of a provided specimen or one of your own.  It will be social distant and... More

Biology Back2BU site is live

June 10th, 2020

We have a new site to help with a number of important changes as people restart research.  It is a google site that is only available to the BU g suite community.  


June 4th, 2020in General, Important News

As part of phase I, all use of LSE autoclaves 348/548 requires a reservation in the google calendar.  Info here. If you do not have access to google apps via your BU account, please visit  ( then notify

Research Recovery Phase I

June 1st, 2020in General, Important News

We are nearing the formalization of new procedures for shared equipment and shared spaces.  One of the biggest changes in policy is a new google calendar system that is in addition to the usual core scheduler that will allow users to reserve a workspace and see that a particular zone... More

Sapphire seminar

January 21st, 2020

The second seminar in the Sapphire Users series will be this Thursday 1/23 in LSE604 from 10-12.  There will be refreshments and the title of the presentation is "Western Blots Are Hard- We've Got You Covered".  It will be presented by our Azure Technical Product Specialists Justin  and Victor