Azure Biosystems additions to the core

Our Typhoon has been replaced with a new multi-mode imager.

Azure Biosystems Sapphire

With 4 laser channels, storage phosphor capability and TRUE chemiluminescence detection!

Specs Page-Note: this is BU configuration specific


A note to users-all of the typhoon users have been automatically added to the Sapphire access list. The system is located in LSE 444



Basic gel imaging Azure c200

We have also added a departmental c200 (gel imager in LSE 637-6th floor scope room)-

This system has a 5.4MP camera with selectable UV excitation 2 wavelengths and blue led for SYBR safe stains

The customized user manual can be found here


Both of these systems generate TIF files that can be analized with AzureSpot Networked licensed Windows software.

This package allows for 1 and 2D analysis

AzureSpot canAzureSpot

  • Perform 1D densitometry
  • Automatically detect lanes and bands
  • Correct for background
  • Calculate molecular weights
  • Quantify fluorescent signals
  • Annotate your results
  • Visualize multiplex analyses
  • Export reports

Product Features

  • Integrated tutorial
  • PDF report generator
  • Lane creation tools
  • Molecular size/pI calibration
  • Quantity calibration toolbox
  • Module for easy shape selection/deselectionAzureSpot
  • Wide range of data fields to display in measurements
  • Annotation tools for comments and highlighting of image

Hardware and Software Requirements

Operating Systems: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista Processor 1.4 GHz, Memory Minimum 256MB, recommended 512MB Free Hard Disk Space Recommended 5GB


The user guide for AzureSpot can be downloaded.

Speak with Todd about setting up the site license for the software.