Scheduler platform changeover

Good morning and Happy New Semester!
I hope everyone was able to get a well-deserved break. This message is to inform you about our new scheduling system for core/shared equipment. The old system is broken/breaking and is past end of life. In order to provide the lowest rates to you, The PICF will not be joining the iLabs system that many of you have heard about. We will be transitioning to Bookkit. It is a web-based system that has strong user base and is quite straightforward to use (setup is a bit ehhh but that is my problem).
The EASIEST way to transition is for you to send me an email with the subject line ‘New User’
in the body of that message, please include your Department, PI, local address, contact phone number and which equipment you have been trained on.
Ideally, I would like to leave the old system by February 1st . Please do not schedule events on the old system beyond January. For the next 11 days, book on the BUMC core scheduler like you used to, and I will set you up so you are ready for Feb 1 on the new platform. If you have concerns or issues, let me know


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