The facility has numerous microscopes with different capabilities located throughout the Imaging suite and the department.


Links to the calendar will only function if you already have access to the equipment (i.e. have been trained)

LSEB 448- Confocal imaging suite-

This suite currently houses 4 confocal microscope rigs, 2 data analysis stations as well as our transmission electron microscope*

*(The Jeol 2010 is BACK ONLINE and the camera system is being installed shortly.  If you have a funded project that needs TEM, we would LOVE to hear from you)


The first bay (curtains at far left) of the imaging suite is home to a shared widefield microscope (with epifluorescence).

It is a Nikon Eclipse microscope with Nikon Elements Advanced research software for control and image analysis.  (NiE Specifications)

There is a nominal charge for use of $4.00/hr.  It is on the scheduler as Nikon Eclipse NiE (LSEB).  All use must be recorded and some labs have priority of use.

The second set of curtains from the left is the Second bay that is under RENOVATION

The third bay is home to an Olympus DSU spinning disk confocal.

In the core scheduler, it is Olympus DSU(LSEB)

This system bills at a rate of $9.00 hr internal academic/$15.00 hr external academic

SOP and information for DSU(coming soon)

Also in the third bay is an IX70 fluorescence microscope with CMOS camera. In the schedule, it is listed as “Inverted scope IX70

The fourth bay is home to an Olympus Fluoview FV10i DOC inverted self-contained confocal laser scanning system.

It is excruciatingly popular and in the core scheduler it is FV10i

This system bills at a rate of $9.00 hr internal academic/$15.00 hr external academic

Data generated on the 10i can be analyzed with an offline Olympus viewer (download) and there is also a detailed users guide(FV10i operation)


Adjacent to the 4th bay is the new Imaris Workstation for 3D volumetric annotation, analysis, and rendering.  The calendar is for reservations of the license which includes time on this machine.  Certain labs can install the software and analyze it in their own lab but still need to reserve the license.  We only have one seat which means only one computer can use it at a time.  Therefore it is crucial that you log out of the software when your session is done so that others can use the license.


LSEB 449 (enter through LSE448)- Transmission Electron Microscope-

Located in an interior lab off of the confocal suite is LSEB 449 which houses our JEOL JEM 2010 Transmission electron microscope*.

When active this system schedules under the name JEOL 2010 TEM.


LSEB 450 (enter through LSE448)- Live Imaging Spectral Laser Scanning Microscope-

Located in an interior lab off of the main confocal suite is LSEB 450 which houses our new Nikon C2+ Si spectral laser scanning microscope. The system has an environmental chamber with gas, humidity, and temperature control.
This system schedules under the name Nikon Confocal.  This system bills at a rate of $18.00 hr internal academic/$36.00 hr external academic. Basic operational guides are NOT a substitute for required training but are available on the system’s homepage.

There is also a Nikon Spinning Disk system in this room that is not core property but belongs to the Jerry Chen lab. Please do not interfere with its operation.

Imaging-related and support

LSE 448 outside bay 4-there is a full-featured image analysis system running SlideBook 5 (intelligent imaging innovations) with full ratiometric and deconvolution modules for data analysis.  While the system is seamless for analyzing Olympus DSU data streams it will work with any data stream that is in a conventional image format.

There is the IMARIS workstation outside bay 4

There is a complete Nikon workstation with a full deconvolution package located in Bay 1



LSEB 452-Wet lab for preparation of specimens

If you have a workflow and need lab space near the suite, we can arrange short and intermediate-term accommodations.  After completion of any pilot studies, please provide your own consumables or provide an account number to the core to source supplies.

This is also the location of the ultramicrotome for cutting epoxy sections. The rotary microtome for cutting paraffin-embedded samples, and the freezing stage microtome for cutting frozen tissues. There is also a fume hood supporting histological staining workflows available upon arrangement.

This is the site of the single cell analysis preparation pipeline. Please make sure to respect RNAse-free zones!


LSEB 444 (enter through LSE452)

This is home to our BD FACScalibur flow cytometer which is fine for cell analysis but unable to sort. For sorting, please contact Todd about the SH800(below) or the BUMC Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Our FACS analyzer is on the scheduler as FACSCalibur.

This system bills at a rate of $25.00 per hour billed in half-hours

SOP and information for FACScalibur

There is an Azure Sapphire Biomolecular imager.  It is on the scheduler as Sapphire

This system has fluorescent capabilities RGB and NIR as well as storage phosphor, true chemiluminescence as well as visible light mode. Full specs and details can be found on the instrument-specific page

We also have a Form 3 resin 3-D printer for rapid prototyping.

LSEB 632

Our cell sorter (SONY SH800) is located in LSE632 and samples are run by staff by appointment only. The cell sorter is $90/hr (in 15 minute increments).


Our fluorescent plate reader is available on the scheduler as Victor 3

This can read fluorescence or luminescence in multiwell plate formats from above or below. It has conventional epifluorescence filters for GFP and RFP as well as DAPI.  This system is currently not charged but all use must be recorded.