Design of a Soft Manipulator for Beating Heart Procedures

Project Description

Beating-heart procedures is a less invasive alternative to open-heart surgery with fewer perioperative complications, and shorter recovery time. However, several engineering challenges still preclude performing reconstructive surgical procedures via endovascular approach. Current endovascular catheter-based platforms provide limited distal dexterity, lack sensor feedback, and cannot apply significant amount of forces. This is particularly relevant for the field of beating heart valve repair procedures.

In the morphable biorobotics lab we have developed a soft robotic platform that can be inserted via the subclavian vein to reach the right atrium and perform a variety of procedures including tricuspid valve repair. This REU project will focus on the optimization of the design of the platform and demonstration of its capability to perform reconstructive procedures on in-vitro setups.

The project will entail developing testing setups, design of components of the soft manipulator, design of instruments to be deployed through the manipulator, and experimental validation of the robot performance.


Jacob Rogatinsky, Lorenzo Kinnicutt