Recent News

October 2023 – Professor Paiella elected to Optica Fellow for “outstanding contributions to the development of novel optoelectronic devices based on quantum-confined systems and photonic nanostructures”.

August 2023 – BEST PAPER FINALIST: “Quantitative phase contrast imaging with plasmonic metasurface photodetectors” was selected as a finalist of best student paper in the Optica Imaging Congress.

August 2023 – NEW MEMBER: Warm welcome to our new group members Ahmet Erturan (visiting Ph.D. student) and Maliheh Azimi (new Ph.D.)!

August 2023 – NEW PAPER: Asymmetric metasurface photodetectors for single-shot quantitative phase imaging, Nanophotonics, vol. 12 (17), pp. 3519–3528.

August 2022 – NEW PAPER: Optical spatial filtering with plasmonic directional image sensors, Optics Express, vol. 30, pp. 29074-29087. Selected for an Editor’s Pick.

July 2022 – NEW ALUMNI: Congratulations to Abdullah Gök and Yuyu Li who received their Ph.D. degrees!